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The town of Hittfeld

About the town of Hittfeld

Hittfeld, which belongs to the regional administration of Seevetal along with 18 other towns, has much more to offer than just its proximity to Hamburg. The town offers a number of recreational activities, an easy to navigate layout, various event venues, and a picturesque landscape that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Convenient location

Hittfeld is easy to access by car from all directions. Both highway A1 and A7 are close by and directly connect the town to the surrounding cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. You can also easily take a bus or tram. Another option is the Metronom train which takes you to Hamburg’s central station in the heart of the city in only 17 minutes, or to Bremen in just over an hour. Because Hittfeld is located within the HVV (Hamburg Transportation Association), you have the benefit of purchasing the economical day pass for the Metronom, as well as other public transportation in and between Hittfeld and Hamburg. Please come see us at the front desk if you would like additional information.


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Leisure and Culture in Hittfeld

Right across from the Meyers Hotel, you will find the time-honored St. Mauritius Church, which has withstood a wealth of history. While the original structure was built in the 9th century, it has remained virtually unchanged since the 13th century, exhibiting the beautiful landmark you see here today. The separate wooden bell tower was added in the 16th century. The church with its beautiful stone walls has become a popular destination for weddings. For those who wish to get married at City Hall, Hittfeld’s ‘Standesamt’ is located in another historical building in town that provides its own abundance of charm.

Hittfeld proudly invites visitors to discover the beauty of German Art Nouveau architecture as well as the town’s characteristic timber frame houses. Art and culture lovers happily wander through Hittfeld’s glass galleries and antique shops. In the summer months visitors enjoy a spacious public outdoor pool and two challenging professional golf courses. The casino in Hittfeld boasts a long tradition, and provides another opportunity for entertainment. For those who seek a closer bond with nature, Hittfeld’s nature park Lüneburg Heath provides beautiful, far-reaching hiking trails.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at the front desk at any time!