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A treat for the morning

The breakfast in Meyers Hotel

Our Garni hotel offers a variety of premium breakfast foods with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine. We are proud to source the majority of our products from carefully selected local farmers and wholesalers who promote ecologically sustainable agriculture. And most importantly we want our food to taste good. After all, it’s the great taste that leaves the right impression!


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All our fresh products are sourced regionally. Eggs served for breakfast as well as those used in our homemade pastries come to us from the nearby Demeter farms. We source our milk, which is easily distinguished by its rich taste, from Bioland farms, and our homemade sausage and cold cuts are both exclusively sourced from the Overmeyer organic farm.

Throughout the day, after breakfast has been served, you can always order homemade pastries, freshly prepared hors d’ oeuvres, and of course coffee, tea, water, soda, wine and other alcoholic beverages.