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The Coffee Lounge

Our Coffee Lounge

Come try one of our specialty coffees, homemade pastries and cakes from the Konditorei Lindtner in Hamburg Eppendorf, or one of our fine wines and spirits in a relaxed family-style lounge atmosphere. In the summer months our guests love to sit on the outdoor patio, listening to live music, and enjoying the view of beautiful St. Mauritius Church, which dates all the way back to the13th century.

Our Coffee

Our specialty coffees are made with beans exclusively sourced from the MAYA Kafferösterei (coffee house) in Hamburg. Maya coffee beans are farmed in the Mexican highlands, where they grow at a slow pace that allows them to develop their exquisite aroma. The beans are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, and dried naturally with the heat from the sun. The MAYA Kafferösterei, which recognizably bears the bean’s name, places great importance in offering a fair price to the farmers in support of local development projects such as the building of new schools.

In addition to the rich aroma, coffee lovers greatly appreciate the low acidity and full body flavor of our coffee.  We believe coffee making is an art that notably impacts the taste. Even the type of equipment used affects the coffee’s flavor. As should be expected from every true barista, ours brew their coffee using a genuine Italian filter. Whether you’re looking for a superb cup of black coffee or a delightful specialty flavor, at the Meyers Hotel Coffee Lounge you will find it!

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Wines and spirits

Again, our emphasis is on quality. On our wine menu you will find exquisite selections from the most noted vineyards in the world.  As is the case with our wine, we offer only top-quality liquor with rich flavor.

Highlights include the award-winning Belvedere Vodka that is exclusively distilled from Polish rye and purified water from Belvedere’s own artisan well. In addition, we proudly offer the multi-award-winning G’ Vine Gin from France, artistically crafted with grapes and vine flowers. Only the best ingredients from the Cognac Region in France are used in the traditional distillation process for the gin’s exquisite flavor. We are always happy to serve all wine and liquor with a glass of refreshing artesian spring water.


To complete your stay at Meyers Hotel we invite you to enjoy one of our finest premium cigars. We frequently offer cigar tasting seminars for aficionados! Please let us know if this is something that interests you. Of course, you can also purchase any of our exquisite cigars from Cuba, Honduras, and other Caribbean countries at any time.